September 13, 2018

Summer Blues and Fall's Hues

When blue cornflowers and Queen Anne’s lace line the edges of country roadways, you know summer in the Midwest is coming to its end. As we grab hold of the last of our summer fun, cicadas can be heard buzzing their season-ending songs.

The bees seem more busy than usual, and you can sense a subtle shift in the life of the plants. The green canopy overhead rustles in the breeze, but there is a different feeling in the air, and afternoon skies seem nearer to the cobalt blue of autumn. Nights are much cooler, and heavy dews can cover lawn grasses until close to mid-day.

It seems everyone loves Autumn. Folks travel miles to see gorgeous views of the changing leaves. We’re lucky to live right in the middle of this beautiful fall spectacle, and we don’t have far to drive to see the hilly Kettle Moraine adorned in Autumn’s glory.

View from Observation Tower at Lapham Peak 

Lapham Peak is a beautiful State Park near my hometown, located in the ridge of the moraine left behind by ancient glaciers that forever affected topography here. 

Hiking the observation tower offers great views including area lakes, and if you time it right, you'll see beautiful fall colors, too.

Savor these late summer/early fall days. Bask in the quiet of a soft, golden afternoon, enjoying the lovely green canopies that have cooled us all through the heat of summer. They soon will display leaves in many hues, which will fall to the ground and ultimately become compost. 

That is Nature's way. While we glory in the colors of Fall, we know fully well what will come after months of splendor in the grass, and then the raking of the grass.

Winter, with all its fierceness and stark beauty, and its unbelievable persistence, will soon quiet the landscape into a long and hushed slumber; until once again the songbirds wake early to bring forth the sun in the early Spring.

Personally, I live by the seasons. Perhaps that’s why I returned to Wisconsin, as this cycle of life is born into my being. Do I wish that winters were shorter? Of course I do! As do many Wisconsinites. But having lived in warmer climates, I realize how fortunate we are to have such a relatively long summer season where we can celebrate being outside and sharing in nature’s beauty and bounty.

Breathe in. Draw deeply of the scents of summer, for they are quickly fading. Autumn has scents of her own, deeply satisfying and earthy. But nothing beats a nose full of soft, warm-from-the-sun flower petals, or tastes better than sun-warmed cherry tomatoes bursting in your mouth with sweet juiciness. 

Such is the character of summer. Bold, daring, and somewhat fleeting. Right now she is green in all her glory, but not for much longer. 

I recommend that you take a good, long breath and savor a peaceful moment under the shade of your favorite tree. As you gaze into its canopy, give thanks for the summer shade you have enjoyed. Tree hugging is highly recommended. Breathe deeply and feel the quiet peace that fills your spirit.  Life is good in nature. She is a healing balm for whatever ails you. ♡