December 30, 2011

Life is a Matter of Moments

Moments that we breathe, and moments that take our breath away. Moments captured in a photograph, a memory to revisit whenever we choose. Our lives are made up of moments, some so hurried we barely notice them. Other times the clock slows and we measure every minute’s passing.

What makes a life? And what marks the passage of time? Moments. Some are sacred, blessed moments alone with our God. Perhaps found in a cathedral forest beneath the canopy, with feet on solid ground and our heart in the heavens. Treasured times hiking through a tall grass prairie under blue skies. Feeling oneness with nature and all living things. Breathe, and the moment passes. Live in the moment. Each one is sacred.

We live in times so hurried that we have to run to catch up with ourselves. Clocks ticking, seasons changing, and life never slows. Make it slow down. Make time to breathe, time to pray, time to sing and to share joy. Life truly is what we make of it. So make it what you want it to be.

What better time, with a new year looming on the calendar, to pause and reflect on what we consider a life well lived. In my heart, I believe we were made for more than a daily grind of work and duty. Certainly we must work, but there must be balance to know peace.

We make balance by making time for what speaks to our souls. For some, this may be the nature walks I described above. Others find peace in simply being still, and it matters not the location.

Sometimes we thrive on connections with other people, and our shared energy produces something much greater than we could create by ourselves. There is strength to be gained by joining forces with others, and inner strength to be found by focusing inward in our search for peace.

Take time to assess your life. Is it in balance? What do you need to add, or take away, to create balance and peace in your life? Remember that time passes too quickly to put this review process off until next month or next year.

It’s worth the time to evaluate where we are in this life and how we really would like to be living. Change is never easy, but it is always worthwhile. Let’s make the necessary changes to bring better balance to our lives as we go into the new year. The payoff of peace and contentment will be worth it.

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