February 23, 2012

What to do While We are in the Wait

Sometimes our season is peaceful. Everything seems to come together and we bask in the fruit of our hard work and harmony reigns and we know great peace in the simplicity of just living. 

Well, it can happen this way, but it really isn't the norm.

More likely, our lives feel chaotic and out of control, as we try to make sense out of trials and temptations and suffering. This is more the reality of our lives.

It’s wonderful to have the blissful moments where we bask in the sunshine of our summers. And with God’s help, we struggle our way through our winters.

But what about those seasons of transition? The times when we are waiting. When something new and purposeful is just around the corner, and we know it is only a matter of time until we can taste and touch and see it. What do we do while we wait?

Have you ever dealt with a long-term illness or recovery from surgery that went on interminably? I have been there, in both circumstances. Time seems to slow, with the days moving barely perceptibly forward, yet around you the world is whizzing by and you feel like you are left further and further behind.

Or there are times when you wait, between jobs, with your fingers crossed that bills will be able to get paid and you will be able to provide sustenance, not even thinking about expenditures that used to come from your discretionary income.

These are times of waiting. Times of not knowing what will come next. And in these times we can learn a chapter in the great lesson of Trust.  No matter what we are going through, God is right there with us. He has gone on before us, and He knows what’s coming up.

If we can trust in Him completely, we will know Peace through this time of waiting. By practicing trust, and believing in the One who will lead us, we will make it through our transitional seasons with grace and assuredness that all will be well.

Having a relationship with God and trusting in Him during transitional times frees us from the worry that can rob us of our peace. When our focus is on our relationship with God, we rely on Him for what we need, trusting that He will provide.

This may sound difficult if you are used to being in control. Through practice, and through surrendering our stubbornness of desiring to control our situation, we allow a Greater Power to work in our lives; one infinitely capable of rendering peace amidst the chaos. 

Be still, and listen for the nudging of the Spirit. Be open to the idea that we may not have all the answers, and while we are in the wait, we can trust in the One who can offer us peace, and the promise of better tomorrows.

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