March 12, 2012

Our Place in this World

We are seekers, searching throughout our lives for a connection to all that exists around us. We feel a deep longing within ourselves, yearning for completion. We desire, wish for, hope for, something or someone that can fulfill an emptiness we cannot describe.

Sometimes we connect with a person who seems to provide what we are missing in our lives. It could be that we desire to know love, or a feeling of security. Whatever we feel the missing ingredient is, it’s like a puzzle that's missing a piece and we want to complete the picture.

The truth is, people will disappoint us. I’m sure you have your own experiences to validate this. So if we put all of our hope and trust in a fellow human being to provide a “filling” for that emptiness we have inside of us, we may find it will only be a temporary filling at best.
Some people turn to things in an attempt to quiet the longing, and may try using food or drugs to satisfy the feeling of emptiness. The satisfaction is very temporary, and will always leave us wanting more. If we use things or people to fill that void, we’ll find we may feel satisfied for a little while, but the emptiness returns.

If we are honest, we must admit that we search for meaning in our lives. Why are we here? What is the purpose of life? Why do I feel empty when my life is so full?

I believe the missing piece is a connection to our own spirituality. We fill our lives with busyness, but miss the understanding that we are spiritual beings and need to nurture ourselves from within.

We are all developing an awareness for our health that is helping us to be cognizant of what we put into our physical bodies and how we can keep them working the best we can. This consciousness in our ability to control our physical wellness is a positive step toward understanding our wholeness.

But we need to go further. We must engage in a conscious effort to nurture our individual spirituality and our connectedness to each other and to all of life. A healthy spirituality depends on the understanding of our oneness with all of creation. When we nurture our own spiritual beings, we develop an awareness of ourselves as part of a greater whole.

I believe that God placed a longing inside of us to seek Him. It is part of our effort to gain an understanding of our place in the universe. The order of life here on earth and in the expanding universe would dictate that it is reasonable to believe in a higher power, one that structured the world and our place in it. And I believe that our Creator wants us to seek Him, to know Him and walk with Him spiritually through all of our days.

In some ways, I believe we will always be searching, as that is the nature of our species. But I know we can find the missing piece to complete the picture of who we are. We will find that in our relationship with our Creator, through knowing Him and by trusting in this Higher Power to guide our footsteps here on earth. 

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