June 5, 2014

When God Slows Us Down

Have you ever had a season when you felt like you were waiting?

A feeling of anticipation, but laced with an underlying feeling of patience?

God slowed me down. Caused me to pause; take time for reflection. Find my way.

I knew this time was for a reason. I was patient in its nondescript emotion and the vague awareness that there was more than just waiting and healing going on.

Now I see.

God uses the time I slow down to allow my heart to hear its inner self, and His whispered direction.

I needed this time.

And from it is birthed new direction, new growth. New life.

Did I not just write about springtime and new life in my last post?

And now it is happening to me.

My heart has been opened. My eyes have been made to see clearly. That is, through my heart and not through my mind.

And I have hope, won from wandering through the valleys, lost, but still with faith.

As the sun still rises, I have a chance at being made new. We all do.

Every day.

To me, that is a great miracle. A great gift. And the bearer of hope.  To know that we are free to choose, to open our hearts, to live again.

Forgiveness is freedom.  And we have the choice to choose that, too.

Just as with an ascent at 10,000 ft., I slow my pace to catch my breath.
Take it easy, one day at a time. 
Change takes time, like getting acclimated to high elevations.

Just breathe.

All is well.


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