January 16, 2015

Breathing Hope and New Life

The most amazing thing has happened. Perhaps it's really a simple, normal thing, but nothing is really normal with me!

I've been down with a bug the last couple of days. Nothing serious, just ugh! Laying in bed for a whole day really is not my thing, even though I profess to hibernate. (That's usually just after the sun goes down).

But today - TODAY! I feel so much better and I am astounded how this affects my perception of my life and my purpose.

It's true. EVERY day is a new day, and we can begin again.

Begin again to tackle that pile of clutter that we've been pretending we don't see.

Begin again to realize that life is more than our to-do lists.

Begin again in our search for happiness.

Because that's really what this life is all about, isn't it?

We wake, we work, we eat, we sleep. All necessary parts of our human life.

But there is so much more to be found!

There is an inner joy bubbling up from a wellspring deep within me, and I know it can only be God finally getting my attention. How I've waited to feel this hope again!

For me, it was a change in my health and my lifestyle, taking the time to do what I know is good for me. Taking care of myself -- not just my health, but my inner self, which needs nurturing just as much as our bodies need sustenance.

However you find your center, through meditation, yoga, or prayer, we have to make time to be still. That time is hard to find amidst our busy lives. But it is crucial to our well-being.

I've been so well-intentioned in my goals to make time for my heart, my spirit, my center. And however well-intentioned, I was caught up in my busyness and the days would fly by with no connection to my inner self.

Now I see how taking time to nourish my inner being benefits my whole outlook on life. And the added bonus of feeling well again is like frosting on the cake!

We all have trials in our lives that pull us off-center from our place of contentment and peace. It is a battle to try to keep ourselves positive amidst the chaos that is in the world. Even more reason to make the time to find our quiet center and just breathe.

I pray you will take the time to reconnect with your inner self. It's as simple as slowing down and shifting our focus to our breath, growing an awareness of what it means to be still. With practice, in breath work, through yoga asanas, or a regular contemplative practice, we can strengthen our connection to ourselves and to each other, and ultimately with God. 

When we take the time for ourselves, we reap the benefits by gaining a more positive outlook with renewed energy. We are then able to reflect this in our relationships and our work. It is well worth the time we perhaps feel we must sacrifice from our busy agendas to achieve a more positive outlook.

Life is waiting to be lived. With peace and joy. Care for yourself. Grow in your love of self by nurturing the core of who you are. Then you will be ready to share yourself with the world without feeling depleted.

Take care, my friends.

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