January 21, 2015

Embracing Winter Just as You Are

Such a bright, white winter wonderland appears outside my window. Snow clings to every twig, looking like frosting iced along the branches. Such beauty is unique to this season in our beautiful state of Wisconsin.

I step out to take pictures in the early morning light, and snow crunches under my big boots and makes me smile. I want to take my pictures early as the winds are already picking up and chunks of snow are falling from the branches. The scene is ever-changing and I drink it in. 

What if I had stayed in bed with the covers over my head? I never would have enjoyed this early morning walk, in my jammies, robe, and long winter coat, camera in hand. There's a visual for you! Don't forget my warm, big boots! That alone should make you smile!
This was taken through the window so as not to scare him away

This little guy kept me entertained outside my office window today. I hang a suet feeder to keep the woodpeckers off the cedar siding on my house. I don't mind that this furry friend sought out something to eat. It's cold and snowy and he probably can't find the nuts he buried in the fall.

I plan to string some cranberries I found in the fridge to decorate my old Christmas tree, and make peanut butter pine cones for my feathered friends. If I want to keep the squirrels from hauling them away, I'll need to wire them tightly to the tree.

Yes, our very large Christmas tree is now outside and set up as a haven for wildlife. I couldn't just discard it! It still has so much usefulness as a shelter for the little animals and birds which will seek the treats I adorn it with.

You see, it came down much too soon! And it wasn't by my choice! If you want to hear more about this story come back tomorrow when I will share "What Goes Up Must Come Down!"

For now, I sit in the warmth of my home watching the wind blow snow from the branches like a blizzard, and my little furry friend has come back to try the suet again. I better get busy with those pine cone treats. I'm certain there are other creatures looking for a hand-out as they try to survive another Wisconsin winter.

We, too, must find a way to survive and thrive while the winter winds howl. It's true that the days are lengthening, ever so slowly, and in a few short months we will shed our layers of winter garb for thin cotton and bare feet. Doesn't that sound marvelous?

For now, snuggle in. Make some hot cocoa, and don't forget the marshmallows. Set a fire to blazing in the fireplace if you have one, or grab a good book and a fuzzy blanket and hunker down.

Winter won't last forever. Look for the beauty, and like frosting on the cake, taste the sweetness of the season that we may find in the peaceful, quiet times when life seems to slow down.

Celebrate the season, knowing that nothing stays the same for long.

Before too long, what now looks like this,

                                      will look like this! 

Stay warm, my friends!

 * Just a note! If you ever wish to see a picture in more detail, just click on it!

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