April 21, 2015

You Have It, So Bring It!

We are all greater than we think we are.

Believe it, my friend.

Worldly forces seem hell-bent to put us down, to keep us in our place. 

They they seem to flaunt, "How dare you think you have something special to share?"

I'm here to say that YOU DO!

We ALL do.

God made each of us in a unique way. We all have special gifts. Some that we may not have even discovered yet.

Often we feel what we have to offer isn't good enough to share with the world. We wonder, who would care to hear what we have to bring?

There's always that nagging voice that whispers to us to say that we aren't good enough, that what we bring isn't special at all, and that nobody cares.

I hear that voice all the time.

And I'm learning to tell it to shut up.

That is the voice that stops us from being all that we can be.

That negative self-talk that keeps us from believing our truth. This truth: that who we are is important, and that someone, somewhere, needs to hear (see, read, use, build, understand) whatever it is that is within us trying to find its way to the light of day.

We all have gifts. We are each uniquely special. Your smile, your laugh, your friendship, your hospitality, your caring, all belong to you and you alone. 

The love you bring to this earth can only come from you. 

We each have to do our part. 

Together, we make something great. 

So don't give up on your dreams. Don't be afraid to share your special talent. Honor yourself and go forward with your goals. 

We'll all be better for it. 

And don't listen to that whispering doubt that you can't do it; that you aren't good enough, or you just don't have what it takes. 

Tell that voice to shut up! And listen only to that still, small voice that you need to hear.

The voice of encouragement that tells you: I made you for greatness. You are the apple of my eye, and I want you to be all that I know you can be. 

Open your heart to the possibilities. Resurrect that dream that has died. We only have this one life to live. We need to always remember to keep growing, so we may become the person our mature self can look back on and say, "Yes, I did it!"

It's never too late to begin anew. 

Let's work together to encourage each other.

I want to see (hear, taste, read, discover) what you have to bring. I really do, and I'm waiting...

It's time for the world to know you. Even if it's just in your own, small way.  Bring it!

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