May 12, 2015

Singing in the Rain!

Did you ever notice that the birds sing even on a rainy morning?

I awoke to a robin singing a sweet spring song outside my window. It’s such a pleasure to be able to leave the windows open again while we sleep.

I knew the weather was predicted to be rainy and possibly stormy, and I had already resolved that we wouldn’t be landscaping today. Spring rains are a sure way to slow down my work. 

And sometimes, that's okay - Especially on a Monday!

What I did not expect was that despite the dreary, wet morning, the birds were still going to sing, as if nothing could deter them from their joy and purpose.

Perhaps we need to be more like the birds.

Too often I let the troubles of life weigh me down. Sometimes it makes it hard for me to see the sunshine. Sometimes I wish it would be a gloomy day to match my mood.

It isn't often that this dark mood dampens my spirits. I have been blessed with a rather sunny disposition (most of the time), and it can drive some people crazy as there are  those who prefer a rather damp temperament.

But most people are drawn to those who seem to exude the joy of life through everything they do. We all know someone like that. These are the people whom you wonder, “How can they be happy all the time?”

I believe it is a choice to be happy. Nobody is happy all the time. Life deals its lot of joy and sadness without thought to where it lands. Much like when I spread fertilizer by hand. 

Sometimes too much here or there, but usually it’s pretty evenly distributed. 

We have to choose joy like the songbirds.

Earlier this spring, when snow and ice still predominated the landscape and the morning temperatures were below zero, I walked outside and heard the birds singing their early springtime songs.  It gave me such hope!

After months of long, frigid nights and not a spot of color in the landscape, these sweet feathered harbingers of joy began to announce that most assuredly spring would come.

And indeed it did! May is busting out all over. Trees are either blooming or sporting a new growth of baby green leaves. Tulips and daffodils dot the landscape with their bright heads stalwartly defying strong winds and storms.

Perhaps we are more like the bulb plants. We hide in the darkness of our winters, but we must have the tenacity to reach for the light.

A bulb grows slowly through the thawing ground, unbeknownst to us. Gradually the leaves and stem emerge, reaching ever skyward as the stalk grows longer and stronger.

Sort of a resurrection, all of this life returning from a frozen world.

We can begin again. We can reach for the Light of the world and we can choose to continue to grow.

And for our own good, we can choose to be happy.

Life isn’t about the things we have. Sure, we like to have nice things and we certainly need clothing and shelter.

But I believe life is more than these things. It is a journey.

Though the road stretches out before us, and for some of us, winds a long way behind, we can only see the part that is right before us.

Think of walking on a path. We can only concentrate on the part that is under our feet. We can’t see where the twists and turns of the future (path) will lead us.

And so, we must not worry about what is ahead.

We must live in the moment, enjoying the gifts of life, slowing down long enough to enjoy the sound of raindrops after months of not hearing them. Savoring the song of the birds as they rejoice in the new life all around them.

Every day holds some joy. Those that choose to live in that joy will find it. Sometimes it takes more effort to come out of our darkness to see the light.

But it is definitely worth the effort to feel the sun on our face once again.

Look for the joys, the little surprises that this new season brings to us. They’re not hard to find when life is being created practically right before our eyes.

I hope the joys of springtime help you find your way out of the darkness. Savor the moments that replenish your spirit.

As you find those moments, you will soon fill your days with more joys than sorrows, and propel yourself into a new way of seeing life on this big, green world.

Happy Springtime, everyone!