October 9, 2015

One for All

“And we, though many, throughout the earth; we are one body in this one Lord."   *

Powerful words on World Communion Sunday. My heart was filled as I sang from the choir’s back row, my arms and my heart opened to the power of a world united in love.

Is it but a dream?

It is my lifelong dream.


Love is my mission in the world, though I never really explored that thought before. I seek beauty, and love is beautiful. Now, before you think I’m stuck in 1969, let me explain.

To me, beauty is in God’s Creation. It’s all around us! The birds, the trees, the skies. YOU. You are God’s Creation.

Each being, special in its own gift of life that it brings. All meant to live together, if not in complete harmony, at least in symbiosis.
This beautiful World, given to us to live and grow on, and to love one another while we’re here.

It isn’t right that our species focuses on ways to kill and ways to heal at the same time.

We need to focus on spiritual growth, expansion of the mind into new perspectives, and understanding oneself and our purpose here on this earth.

Though we all have different thoughts on what or who our God is, it is safe to say that we are all living, breathing human beings walking this earth together. I see more similarities in that than differences.

Perhaps that is what we need to focus on. Understanding more of how we are alike. This involves compassion, acceptance and tolerance, as we learn to work together for the betterment of humankind.

All for All.

Is it just a dream?

I know it is not. I know there are like-minded people in the world who seek peace and justice over retaliation and restitution.

Learning to live together, in Peace.

Could that be the reason we're here? 

* One Bread, One Body , John B. Foley - United Methodist Hymnal