January 13, 2016

Barefoot Dreamin' on a Winter's Day

Sitting in the backyard, bare feet in the green grass, we marveled at how in a few short months our world would be covered in white.  It was almost impossible to believe. Well, guess what -- it’s here.

                  The White Stuff.

It took longer to arrive this year, and now it just keeps on coming.

It’s so pretty when it sticks to every branch. And so frustrating when you can’t see curbs or oncoming traffic due to gigantic snow banks.

Ah, Winter in the upper Midwest.

There is a little Alien in a cartoon circulating on Facebook that says, “The air hurts my face! Why do I live where the air hurts my face?”


Snowfalls can be quite beautiful, especially when observed through the windows while sitting beside a toasty, warm fireplace! Although I admit there are times when I bundle up to enjoy a nice winter walk, especially when the snow is falling softly in big, fat, fluffy flakes. My favorite kind of snow.

However, when wind chills hit the double digits (below zero), I question why I live where the air hurts my face.

I left here, once, and I was gone for a very long time. But then I came back.

I’m thinking that the beauty outweighs the cold, or I wouldn’t be here.

That’s what we do, isn’t it?

We keep pressing thru the bitterest of times, looking for the beauty in each day, each life. Knowing that life is such a fragile thing.

Underneath the snow, my plants sleep. Frozen solid, in a few short months, they will begin to fight through the thawing ground, and life will return. 

It’s an amazing cycle to witness, and without the extreme change of seasons, I don’t know that I would retain the awe I now feel at knowing the secret.

Knowing that, beneath the layers of gently falling snow (and the layer of ice from the freezing rain) the frozen ground protects the roots and bulbs of all my plants. And come Spring, I will know their beauty once again.

May it always be so.

Blessings on the season you are in.