August 14, 2016

The Only Constant in Life is Change

The only constant in life is change.

Though this may sound contradictory, it is the absolute truth.

Seasons change with the natural rhythm of the universe. Children grow and for us older individuals (ahem), our bodies can begin to decline.

Life on this earth is in constant change.

Those of us living in a climate where the seasons change somewhat drastically experience this daily. Last week temperatures were in the mid 90’s here in Wisconsin. In five short months we could be experiencing sub zero temps.

From tank tops and shorts to wearing layer upon layer of insulating clothing. -- if that’s not change, I don’t know what is!

Life is full of changes, on a physical and personal level, too. Families change their dynamic over time, and we are in the midst of a whirlwind of change here in our household.

In less than a month we will be celebrating our first family wedding as one of our sons joins his life with his bride in the eyes of God and man. Our family is growing! Such a joyous, happy time as we gather together to share in their hopes and dreams for their future.

In the midst of all this wedding planning, our youngest son heads off to college, with all of his hopes for the future pinned on several years of hard work as he pursues his studies.

So much change for this mama’s heart!

This summer has been a blessing for me. After spending the last twelve summers landscaping full time, I am trying something new. My oldest son is taking over my business, continuing the excellence of the reputation we’ve created in our work.

As for me, I spend my afternoons in my new office, enjoying the blessed relief of air conditioning! I love the challenges of learning something new and bringing all that I have experienced to a new enterprise.

Change is good when we open our hearts to be ready for it.

Although change is good, it isn’t always easy. How do we navigate these changing waters in our journey of life? What buoy can we hold onto when the waves of change roll all around us?

In all this change, there is one constant. One factor of our existence that does not change, ever. And that is God.

It says in Hebrews, Chapter 13, verse 8, that “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.” Interestingly, this verse doesn’t change between the many translations I reviewed.

I remember a conversation with my pastor as we discussed the many changes my life was facing at that time, and he quoted this Scripture to me. With surety I knew this in my heart, and it brought me great comfort. Knowing this truth has become part of the fabric of my faith, the warp and the weft, as I weave the story of my life.

I cling to that Rock in the midst of my storms. But even more so, my thoughts go to this constant in my life as I traverse the ever-changing pathways of my life. Knowing that God is always there, never changing, brings me comfort whenever trials challenge my peace.

I know that I can count on the sun to rise each day, even if it is obscured by clouds. I know that the seasons will change, bringing relief from the heat of summer and changing my green, flowering world to one of bright autumn colors, and then to the drab of winter and the coating of white winter adorns herself with.

And I have learned, without a doubt, that God is the same through all of this change. That no matter where my heart leads me, no matter what my path, God is with me and has gone before me. I draw strength from knowing that I am never alone in anything I must face.

Life is full of change, without and within. Seek the solace that comes from the certainty of knowing God’s constant presence in our lives. In all of the changes we face, it’s comforting to know God’s love for us never changes. Hold on to this solid truth, and hang on for a wild ride.

Blessings, my friends.

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