October 25, 2011

Nature's Perfect Peace

If you have come searching for hope, I welcome you to my blog. Within these pages we will share our thoughts and our hearts as we embrace the lives we live in this imperfect world.

Life has not always given me sunshine and flowers. Well, they were probably always there but I haven’t always looked for them. I have lived seasons of darkness and despair, but no longer do I dwell there. I choose now to live with hope, to search for peace, and definitely take time to stop and smell the flowers!

Nature is the balm that soothes my troubled spirit. When I walk in nature, I feel immeasurable joy. All that I need to know is the next step, rhythmically placing one foot in the front of the other. Soon tension falls off my shoulders and I feel a song begin to grow in my heart.

The sights, sounds and smells in a woodland forest or a meadow ignite all of the senses. Walking through a garden is a delight. We see the myriad colors, touch velvet petals and smell the fragrances of leaves and flowers. These are medicine to combat our hectic lives. It must be intentional. Our fast-paced world doesn’t slow down for us to breathe. We must make the time. It is critical for our health and peace of mind.

Even a walk through your neighborhood can restore a more natural rhythm to your life. This time of year, you can walk just about anywhere and crunch your way through fallen leaves. Somehow that never gets old. The change of seasons is earth’s natural rhythm, and we would do well to recognize the consistency of the natural world. Though there are slight variations, we can count on daylight and darkness, and the steady forward march of the seasons.

Nature doesn’t hurry, so take your time. Be intentional. And remember to breathe.

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  1. Love you pictures and your perspective! Look at you! Facebook AND a blog all in the same few days! You go, Girl!