December 5, 2011

Accept Me as I Am

Expectation can cause disillusionment. Memory can color the past. Perhaps all that we know or think we know is really just illusion.

Sometimes memory is inaccurate. Our emotions and our thoughts get skewed. The memories we keep are usually the best and the worst, and sometimes we temper the emotions those memories bring.

Sometimes people aren’t what we think they are, either. We may hold onto a memory or image of them that no longer defines who they are.

I think the best thing we can do is take people at face value. Meet them where they are in life, with no expectations or prior perceptions. Learn who they are, right now in their lives. Because aren’t we always changing? Doesn’t the very nature of life offer so many opportunities to grow and change and become?

Friendship can be a fleeting thing, or it can last a lifetime. When there is that special connection between two people, it transcends time. Months or years can go by and you pick up the phone and the conversation seems to flow effortlessly even though so much time has passed.

We are lucky to know a true friend. One with whom we can share our hearts and our souls. Someone we can feel free to say whatever is on our heart without reproach. Someone who accepts us exactly as we are.

When we are blessed to know such a friend, we need not hold back any thought or feeling. It helps us to navigate the rough patches of life when we can verbalize our innermost feelings and see our situation through another person’s experiences.

Sharing this road of life is the reason we are walking it. It is not to stand alone, but to lend our hearts to others and risk abrasion. When we reveal our true selves, we are exposed, and insult or indignity can result. But we can grow in our acceptance of ourselves and others through the mending, and gain strength and courage for the road ahead.

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