January 21, 2012

Resisting Temptation

Temptation. We deal with it every day. What is your temptation? Is it the sweet or fattening food that you are trying to avoid to fulfill a resolution for the new year? Do you struggle with an addiction? You certainly are not alone.

We are all drawn to the feel-good attractions in life. Our spirits crave joy, and we think we can find that joy in the momentary pleasures from a myriad of choices. But when we look to consumption for our satisfaction, we realize it is only a matter of time until we need another “fix” to make us feel good again.

It becomes a cycle. A cycle of addiction to something that will never satisfy the craving within us. It just keeps coming back, taking more and more of our time and our life. It’s time to break the cycle.

Ah, but this is so much more easily said than done. We want a good, healthy lifestyle but we struggle with all that we are “supposed” to do to keep ourselves well. It is so hard to stay on track to meet our goals for self-improvement.

Do you realize some people are actually addicted to exercise? Can this be a bad thing too? I think anything in excess is more than we were meant to do. Too much work, too much food, or turning to drugs and alcohol to quiet our minds only numbs us to what we really crave.

Deep inside we all crave peace. And joy. Belonging. Relationship. It is easier to reach for temporary satisfaction outside of ourselves than to realize that our desires run deeper than momentary satisfaction. Sometimes we hide ourselves in work or busyness to avoid dealing with internal issues we want to avoid. But we were meant for so much more.

I believe that the One who created us set inside of us a deep longing which causes us to become searchers, seeking something that will fulfill that desire within us. Some people search outside of themselves, and some search within for fulfillment.

I think the longing that we feel is a desire to connect with our Maker. I believe we are preprogrammed to want relationship with our Creator. Our belief in a Higher Power predisposes us to crave relationship with Him. It is through knowing our Maker intimately that we begin to feel our place in this world.

It may be hard for you to believe that a relationship with God can cure your addictions to the things of this life, but I know this to be true. Here are words of a song that has yet to be finished:

“You’ve got to give it all to God.
You’ve got to have the love and faith to see it through.
You’ve got to give it all you’ve got -
Enough to let it go.”                            
                                                                ~Colleen Reske

Don't expect your addiction to be cured in a flash of lightning. It takes time to build a relationship and time to understand what drew you to your need in the first place. Giving it all to God opens you up to the healing powers of the universe. All that is available to you for recovery is out there. You need to seek wellness with the same desire as you sought solace through substances. You need to earnestly seek God for help in getting well. 

It is very freeing to “give it all away”, to give it all to God. When you do, you start to develop trust, believing that there is a better way which God will show you. You have to be receptive to hearing suggestions from those people that God will put in your path, and you have to want to get well. 

There is hope for health, and freedom from whatever binds you. You have to take the first step by admitting your weakness, and cry out to God for help. Our God is all-powerful, and He can use that power on your behalf. All it takes is belief, and a desire to know the One who knows all.

The hope in finding help begins with prayer.  We can't do this all on our own, but there is hope and there is help if you want to find it. Blessings on your journey.

Third Day performing "Cry Out to Jesus", especially for my Christian viewers though this powerful message is for all. Email subscribers click here to view the video on my blog. 


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