November 11, 2011

Hope in the Gift of New Life

What comes to mind when you think of new life? The incredible blessing of babies being born? New growth of plants in the landscape in spring? These indeed are gifts of new life given to us here on earth.

But what about being reborn? Being made new. Inside of you. In your heart, in your mind, and in your outlook.

We all have an opportunity for God to work in our lives and change our perspective. Before this can happen, though, I believe we need to submit our lives to him.

For many people, giving up the wheel to let God steer is a scary proposition. But if we think we have it all under control on our own, we are misleading ourselves. Submission to God’s plan for our lives is an act of obedience. We acknowledge we really can’t do this on our own, and understand that He has a better plan for us.

This Sunday we are planting spring bulbs with our Sunday school children. We will talk about the promise of new life hidden inside the bulb and how, with the right conditions, the bulb will begin to grow in the spring and will produce a beautiful flower. The flowers will be there for all to see and admire God’s hand in creation.

Through trusting God that the bulb will grow and produce a flower, we can see how trusting God to work in our lives can produce something new in us, too. When we submit to his greater authority, and trust that He has our very best interest at heart, we can hope for new life or a new direction in our thinking.

Sometimes the changes are dramatic, and sometimes they subtly sneak up on us as we realize we are seeing things a little bit differently. There may be a great hurdle in your life that you need to overcome. Or you may just need an attitude adjustment to open your heart to see the world a little bit more through God’s eyes.

When we are open to have the Creator of new life work within us, great changes can be made. And hopefully, our light will shine for all to see the beauty of God’s creation in us.

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