November 14, 2011

Hope in the Search for Peace

Do you feel frustrated by the actions of people in your life? Do the course of events in your day leave you feeling like everything is spiraling out of your control? 

Sometimes I get frustrated by the littlest things that go wrong, and I feel anger welling inside of me instead of peace. I’m certain this is reflected in my outward appearance, although I may try to hide it.

There are other times when I feel more accepting toward others and my own situation. This acceptance is so much easier to live with than feeling frustration and anger. In fact, not only do I feel more peaceful in my life, I find I am actually happy with my situation.

Nothing really is different in my surroundings or the people in my life. What has changed is my attitude and my point of view.

I have a choice to let petty disturbances invade my peace, or I can look for a positive angle to view the situation. Usually this entails using ‘God eyes’.  When I let God’s love shine through my heart, my perspective changes. I see people for the blessings they are in my life. I experience situations with more patience and I am able to respond rather than react. 

When I shift my perspective to God eyes, I have a better understanding of his will in my life.  Though circumstances may not be what I have imagined or hoped for, when I gain the perspective of God’s sovereign will over my life I know I can trust that I am exactly where He wants me to be.

And somehow realizing this brings me peace in the center of my crazy life. And this peace is an anchor that keeps me tethered to God, no matter the strength of the storms I face.

What this means to me is the reassurance that God loves me, and has a perfect plan for my life. Whatever happens, He will use a situation for good, though I may not understand how it will work. Sometimes I get a glimpse into how the pieces all fit together, and I gain a momentary clarity into His plan. This is the encouragement I need to realize He really is there is watching over me, and to trust His plan for me.

There is peace in accepting that it isn’t necessary for me to have complete understanding. I have to lean on my trust in God. For me, that has been the lesson I’ve been working on for quite awhile now. I am learning to trust more completely in Him, and the more I surrender my doubts and fears to Him, the more acceptance I have that I am right where I am supposed to be.

Perspective changes everything, and I am most at peace when I see my life through God’s eyes.

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