November 10, 2011

Hope to Make a Difference

Each of us is given gifts, though we may not always recognize them right away. It takes time to develop our gifts into skills we can feel confident sharing with others. 

Some people are excellent public speakers. It is impressive to me when someone can stand in front of a crowd and eloquently share their views on a subject. 

Some people are teachers, with the understanding and patience to break an idea down into little parts that are easier for our minds to absorb. Others are scholars who keep learning and growing and challenging their minds with new information throughout their lives.

Are you a good listener? This is a wonderful gift! Giving the gift of your time to someone who confides a heartache or life experience to you is a blessing. You may never fully appreciate how listening to someone and allowing them to share what is on their heart will help them. Taking the time to listen frees us to be real with one another. Each of us has a story to tell, and a willing listener is a true gift to someone who needs to open their heart and share their story.

Do you know someone who has the gift of hospitality?  This doesn't mean that they throw the best parties and make certain that every guest has a beverage. True hospitality is making a guest feel at home in your home.  A person who feels truly welcomed is blessed to feel at ease in your home, and they feel appreciated and honored to be there.

Someone with a caring heart will always want to know that others are feeling well and are content. Loving God’s people is a great gift, and someone who truly cares is sensitive to the needs of others.

It is up to each of us to realize our special gifts, and to use them for the good of others. Every one of us, working in concert, allows a deep sharing of what we are best equipped to give. We have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others through offering our gifts with our hearts and with God’s purpose. 

How do we know if are following God’s purpose for our lives? Our work helping others to learn, share, grow and be well will seem effortless. When we nurture our gifts, it becomes very natural to share them with others. We feel blessed to share the blessing of our time or our talents to make others feel welcomed and important and cherished.

Perhaps the best way to help others is to imagine how you would like to be heard or understood, and then help the other person feel confident to share what is on their mind. 

Helping each other to live and grow in our understanding of ourselves and our place is this world benefits everyone, for each in turn realizes their gifts, and prepares to share what they can offer to the world. 

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