September 13, 2012

The Absolute Truth

Unseen forces pull at my heart, putting thoughts into my head that tell me I should be dissatisfied with my life.  Does this ever happen to you? Things seem to be going along swimmingly, and then something happens that causes me to feel angry or neglected. 

I become overwhelmed with angry feelings, and words slip through my lips that should never have been uttered. Is there any hope for me to gain control? Am I destined to be the unwitting pawn in this game of emotional chess?

I believe there is an absolute truth in the reality which we live, and that Truth comes from God alone. So many forces vie for our time, our talents, and our resources, and we can feel pulled in too many directions. Sometimes I feel myself become weary of trying to please everyone, and wonder, “what about me?” 

I have come to realize that this is the time to check my focus. Just whom am I trying to please? If I can keep God as a constant on my radar, then I don’t need to push beyond where I sense His Presence. 

When I am challenged, the first thing I should do is ask, how can this please God? How does this serve Him? Is what I am doing worthy of His glory? 

Too often I run off on my own, taking on too many tasks, or fighting my own battles, when all I need to do is turn my thoughts to God, and I am calmed. Sometimes I feel embarrassed that I forgot, again, to come to Him first.

When I keep His Presence in my heart, the power of His Counselor, the Holy Spirit, is always just a thought away, with answers to help me and guide me. It’s so simple, really. I make it much harder than it needs to be. 

The absolute truth is God’s word, and His work in my life. If I can keep my focus where it needs to be, on Him, and not on the ways of the world, I won’t be tempted by the unwritten desires of my heart. 

God will fill me with His love and peace, and the forces that would compete to destroy my serenity are vanquished. 

It takes effort to slow down, and to connect with God on every thought. But soon it becomes habit, and it would feel awkward to make an important decision without persistent prayer. When joys touch my life, my first thought should be gratitude to God. This connection is an endless cycle that keeps my focus where it needs to be, and honestly, brings out the best in me.

As hard as it is to do, when I get angry and lose my composure, I need to stop and pray. It seems to be a constant battle to control my sensibilities. And I want to feel in control. 

I have learned that the only way to be in control is to surrender my free will to the One who knows me better than I know myself. God would never steer me wrong, and He always knows my need. It is empowering and freeing to know that I can be in control simply by asking for God’s help. 

Take the time to open your heart to Him. Tell Him everything on your mind. He already knows, but coming to Him in this way assures your trust in Him. Pour out your feelings, and even in the depths of despair, you may know a peace beyond understanding. God is worthy of our time and attention, and He is waiting to hear from us. 

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