May 6, 2013

The Power of Prayer

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This post has been rattling around in my brain for a long time. It has surfaced today because once again I am in need of prayers for healing. It’s nothing major, but my zest for life has been hindered while I am dragging this painful knee around with me. Procedures done today will surely help, and I will be on my way to wellness.

Less than two months ago I had also put out a request for prayers. This was when it was time to sing Handel’s beloved score, The Messiah, and I woke up with a horrible tightness in my throat and chest congestion on the day before dress rehearsal.

Best Light Photography
I didn’t want to ask for prayers, but I knew I should. So I boldly asked for prayers for myself, (a hard thing for me to do); and with the help of God’s grace and the support of so many wonderful, prayerful people, my voice held out throughout the rehearsal and performance.

At one point during the beginning of the performance I had to leave the stage for a coughing jag. You know how it is, when you try so hard NOT to cough, you can’t stop yourself when you finally do. I made it into the wings, closed the door, and stayed there ‘till I had it under control.

The day after the performance, as I reflected on how I made it through the concert, I realized it was only by my sheer will. But I also realized that this strength came from the many dear friends who know that singing is like breathing for me, and singing for the Lord is the joy of my song. My friends prayed, and I sang, and after it was all over, I let myself rest and recover.

There have been other times when friends have prayed, but none so great as my cancer journey in 2009. So many prayers were said on my behalf, that I could actually feel the power of everyone lifting me up.

If I ever needed reassurance that I wasn’t dealing with my illness alone, all I had to do was look up to my dresser top which was covered with get-well and thinking-of-you cards and reread the heartfelt messages. I still keep those cards, not as a reminder of my sickness, but to remember the outpouring of love and support from my relatives, church family and friends.

During that time I became aware of the palpable feeling of comfort from prayers. Now I can actually feel when prayers are being lifted for me. I could feel them this morning when I faced the tray of needles and my uncertainty as I put my trust in a doctor I hardly knew.

It is humbling and so beautiful to know that someone would take the time to lift my name to God’s ears. My hope is that I can share God’s love and grace to others through lifting my prayers for them as needs arise.

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He looks contemplative!

I used to think I needed a special time to sit down and talk with God about the various prayer requests that come my way. But sometimes I would forget, and then I would feel guilty.

Now, I take a moment, right away, and pray for God’s comfort and peace for whoever needs that reassurance in their life. By taking a moment to pause what I am doing, close my eyes, and offer my heartfelt prayers, I feel I stay connected with God all day long.

The conversation begins the moment I open my eyes in the morning, and continues with little prayers of gratitude and sharing my thoughts during the day. 

I like keeping that feeling of connectedness. After all, we are never alone. God is always with us, and desires to know our thoughts and share in the beauty and the sadness that touches our hearts.

Have you ever felt called upon to pray for someone you don’t even know? So much happens every day, and the news only shares the awful and disturbing side of human nature.

Sometimes a story in the paper will draw my attention, and I feel I am supposed to pray. Or sometimes I see a person whom I don’t know and I feel in my heart that I need to pray for God’s purpose and peace in their life.

This doesn’t make me saintly or any more sacred than any of you. I think I am just tuned into the spiritual side of existence, and if I stay out of my own head and stop dwelling on my troubles long enough, I can feel more aware of what is going on around me.

Perhaps when my wonderful friends and family share their prayers for me, this frees my own worry and concerns for my health. Then I can reach out into this hurting world and strive to find its beauty.

The search for what is good and beautiful in life brings me back to gratitude and connectedness to God. And when I can keep peace in my heart, I feel more connected to God and all living things.

Prayer is simply a conversation with God. When we lift our hearts to God, our prayers are truly heard.  And prayers lifted for another soul are powerful in helping us to feel the connectedness of all living things. There is great power in prayer.

May I pray for you? If you have a prayer request, please leave it in the comments below. You may post anonymously if you would like to. Thank you for the honor of praying for you.


  1. You just opened my eyes. A few days before Leora was born a feltva need to pray forva healthy baby. I had no idea she would be born almost 4 wks early and that I, her grandmother, would assist in resuccitating her for over 5 min. to give her breath to live. I am thankful that I felt the need to pray for our little ones health.

    1. So thankful your beautiful granddaughter is doing well, and although it must have been the most difficult thing you've ever had to do in your life, you being there to help in her resuscitation is so incredible, and something you will never forget, I'm sure. Praying she will continue to thrive. God is so good!