February 9, 2015

You Are Not Alone

No matter what path you walk

No matter who you are

No matter what you do

You are never alone

Despite wishing things were different

Despite executing our free will

Despite the choices we make

We never walk alone

Make friends with the Spirit

Who shares in our lives

For together, 

You are not alone

The Wisdom of the Universe

Will always be there

For guidance and direction

We must acknowledge

Our weakness

And surrender

Our struggle

            Keep looking forward

            Forget looking back

Our God of the Universe

Existed before Time

And has never

Left your side

            Not for one moment

God is as close as a whisper

A prayer

A song of praise

         Never will you be forsaken

            Never are you alone

Believe in this truth

Banish fear


You are Not Alone

Strength from the Almighty

Power of the Breath of Life

Yours, for the asking

Yours, for the taking

God's Angels surround you

God's Comfort enfold you

Walk with confidence,

Child of God

(The cloud pictures are all mine, taken at various times. Can you tell that I am always looking up? ;)

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