March 22, 2015

I Am Forgiven

Sunday Scripture
and a

"Then Jesus said to her, 'Your sins are forgiven.' "
Luke 7:48 NIV

You know that feeling, the one when you realize you are completely free?

Free from sorrow.

Free from pain and strife.

Free from guilt and shame.

We may know all, or some of these painful feelings every day in our lives.

And freedom from them? That's sounds wonderful, but we live in the real world. Right?

Only partly true. 

We life in a fallen world. And it's far too easy to focus our eyes on the pain, misery and heartbreak that touches our lives every day.

With the internet, we are instantly connected with every news source that loves to share the latest sadness of natural disaster, human suffering, and mankind's inhumanity to its own.

It can be downright depressing.

However, we do have a choice where we keep our focus. And we can choose to focus on what is good in life. We can keep our lives focused on God. 

With an argumentative teenager in the house who questions everything (not necessarily a bad thing, but definitely exhausting!) I am challenged daily to profess my faith amidst a world gone awry. 

I admit that I am not always able to convey the message I feel in my heart, that God is good, and God is sovereign. 

I have questions, too. 

One thing I know for certain, is that I am forgiven. God reminded me of this once again. 

I woke this morning with that thought firmly in my heart, mind and soul. I am forgiven. 

I don't have to feel guilt and shame. I don't have to suffer the anguish of reliving my past mistakes (over and and over again).

The freedom that comes from knowing this truth is liberating. 

Not the kind of feeling that makes me want to climb to the mountaintop and shout and sing.

It's the freedom that gives me peace, and makes me feel unbelievably grateful that Jesus took this burden from me so that I can live life more fully. 

I am forgiven. I let that seep into my heart and my soul. And I know peace. 

If you have burdens you carry, hiding them so that no one knows your pain, know that God knows. He sees everything. He doesn't judge. There is no trial by jury. 

You are forgiven.

All He asks is that we strive to change. Repent. Become new in the gift of life he offers us every day.

Go, and sin no more. (John 8:11b NLT)

I wish you peace, my friends. I pray for hope, for all people. I know in my own life when I keep my eyes focused on God I find peace and hope, and the fruits of the Spirit become tangible and real.

It takes work, and sometimes choosing not to click on yet another horrendous story on the internet. 

It is a choice, as to where we put our energies and focus our spirit.

It is as simple as asking (though it's usually more like begging) for forgiveness, and a chance to start anew that we never believed we could have. 

This freedom can be yours.

You are forgiven.

Nichole Nordeman's song "Finally Free" says it all. Please watch and enjoy.

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